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Market research is the term which stays the evaluation of new product or service through the feasibility of building up a product and through some techniques identifying the market value of the product. There are many techniques which are used to find the feasibility of the product such as surveys, product testing and identifying the target audience of that product and make it liable for its entire consumer. Basically, it allows a company to build up the target market and the consumers who think to buy or adopt the product or service which is provided to the audience for use. It may be conducted by the company itself or by some other third-party company that is surveying all the needs of the consumers.

E-Datahive has been providing data for various market research companies to get neither the survey completed through CATI nor online email survey, thus helps the companies get the project completed on time with required data.

What information do we provide in our lists?

• Full Name • Email Address • Phone Number • Fax number
• Company • Job Title • Industry • Revenue
• Web Address • ZIP codes • SIC Code

• NAICS Code



Why E-Datahive?

We are more than cent percent confident that you won’t be disappointed with coming to us. Our in-house marketing research team updated and refreshed database regularly.

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